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Carefully reconsider the dietary standards that you follow every day

Humans inherit the traditions of their parents and the culture that they were born into. This includes many aspects of life from language, customs, food, and belief systems. As we mature it becomes necessary to examine and sometimes change some of the patterns that we inherited to elevate to another level.

Eating Perennials vs Annuals

Annual - something that lasts one year or season, transient; specifically a plant that completes its growth in one growing season (tomatoes, peas, eggplants, broccoli, corn, wheat).

Perennial - continuing without interruption, invariably present, constant, perpetual (trees and fungi).

Eating transfers the vitality or life essence of a substance unto the being that ingests the substance. If man is seeking everlasting life, what types of foods should he focus on consuming, annuals or perennials? What type of food has the highest potential for immortalizing a living soul? Man in the era of the fall eats primarily annuals, the transient foods which result in a transient life. It must be understood that although mushrooms may seem to be annuals, the root system (mycelium) can be thousands of years old and they are extracting the immortal essence of trees which are likewise immortal. So again we can surmise that in the Genesis, man likely consumed more mushrooms which certainly had a commensurate effect on the lifespan of those that ate them. Mushrooms have the inherent power to impart the immortality of trees to the soul when consumed.