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Sexual Health is directly related to overall health

Mushrooms like Cordyceps Militaris enhances reproductive system health which enhances one's overall health.

Sexual Health

Aphrodisiac - A drug or preparation inducing sexual desire or enhancing reproductive functions.

It would be naive to think that the effects of fertility challenges or reproductive anomalies would stay in their lane, without having other consequences. These difficulties can affect a person’s sex life, his or her ability to conceive the old-fashioned way, the person’s self-image and body esteem, and his or her sexual relationship and emotional state. But the ripple effects don’t stop there. Low sperm count, recurrent miscarriages, and reproductive disorders, such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), can have profound repercussions for a man’s or woman’s long-term health and even lead to premature mortality.

One thing many people don’t realize is that compromised reproductive health, including low sperm concentration and low testosterone levels, is associated with decreased overall health among men. In a 2016 study of some thirteen thousand men who’d been diagnosed with male factor infertility, researchers found that men with low sperm concentrations had a 30 percent increased risk of developing diabetes and a 48 percent increased risk of developing heart disease, compared to men without the infertility diagnosis. Male infertility, including low sperm concentration, is also associated with an increased cancer risk, particularly testicular cancer and high-grade prostate cancer. Men with sperm concentrations below 15 million/mL had a 50 percent greater risk of being hospitalized for any medical reason than those with sperm concentrations above 40 million/mL, according to one 2017 study.

Given these elevated risks, it’s not surprising that men with infertility can expect to die earlier than their more fertile peers.

One study, published by The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, showed that Cordyceps militaris supplementation in rats enhanced sperm production and sperm motility after 5 weeks of supplementation. In addition, both serum testosterone and 17-estradiol levels were increased. The researchers wanted to see the mechanism of action of Cordyceps, since it has been used traditionally for the enhancement of sexual function in both men and women.