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The Healing power of Reishi

Reishi Report

Role of Ganoderma (Reishi Mushroom) in Cancer

A doctor once said, "Cancer is a serious disease, but it is not fatal. Patients have a good chance to recover." This statement sounds consolatory but basing on our recent research data, it can very well be true.

The prestigious Japanese doctor, Dr Fukumi Morishige, M.D.,Phd., currently involved in the research of reishi's role in cancer control, is a researcher at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science & Medicine - an American institute that had been awarded the most Nobel prizes. He also occupies an important role in Europe's medical fields as well, and is the only Japanese authority employed by the international cancer group. The following is his speech and case reports on reishi.

I have been a surgeon for 37 years and have performed numerous operations. I have a keen interest in surgery especially when I was young but gradually questions began to appear. Always feel that the ideal would be to induce the natural immunity power within oneself.

Being a surgeon, I had countless occasions to encounter cancer cases; however, the key to cancer controls is in its early detection, which is easier said than done. About one in a hundred would be considered a good percentage.

Nowadays, regular physical check-ups is the trend and this is good practice, but we have to realize that one cannot let our guards down just because cancer was not detected at the time of check-ups. People often suspect the physicians of misdiagnosing when cancer was detected at a later date. This notion is incorrect as there are many undiscovered cases even with monthly check-ups. For example, in the case of penetrance type stomach cancer, it is one of the most difficult to detect and these account for about 25% of the cases, therefore, prevention is equally important.

It is better to employ preventive measures in the case of cancer but there are no set methods. One can always rely on dietary control, but here again it is not a prescribed regiment. The best method at the present is reishi. I do not know of its amazing effects until after I have used it and I am truly surprised. During my practice, I have obtained outstanding results using reishi either as preventive measures or during the course of treatments.

Earlier on, I have come across patients and their relatives praising the merits of reishi. But being a medical person, I have thought that it might have a slight effect on certain chronic diseases but on cancer, surely, must be greatly exaggerated.

Reishi's tremendous effect warrants further studies. In June of 1986, a 39-year-old female came to me with lung cancer and complications of the chest wall membrane. She had been told that she could not be operated on by a number of hospitals. She left in a hopeless state. Upon returning home, her husband started to feed her reishi. After my examination, I was surprised by the findings: 6 months ago, she had edema in the chest cavity, secondary to cancer and now the symptom had completely disappeared. For a person who has already made her funeral arrangement and waiting for death to rediscover there is hope for life, is incredible. X-ray had presented an even better picture when I am going through her medical history. She insisted that this was the result of her husband giving her reishi. The edema had drained while the cancer tumor remained. On a rough calculation, this patient had used about 4 grams of reishi essence daily and this was quite a high dosage. We further undertook exploratory surgery and by using special freeze technique, it was possible to perform operations on chest membrane cancer. Looking at the x-ray, no cancerous cells were found. Only scar tissues were evident, which were different from cancer cells. I did a biopsy of the lung tissues and detected malignancy, but stable. The next case involved a child with congenital liver cancer. He had one operation when he was 5 years old and later, had his small intestines removed due to metasiasis. The treating doctor felt that the patient's condition was terminal and stopped treatment eventually. The boy's parents brought the patient home and fed him reishi through an N.G. tube (Nasogastric tube). The boy came to me when he was 9 and I was unable to detect any diseases. Nothing was found in the CT scan examination as well. Congenital liver cancer is a form of juvenile carcinoma and I was much surprised that the patient recovered after just regular ingestion of several grams of reishi essence. He continues to take 2 grams of the essence daily. Even the boy knows that without the reishi he might not have lived today. Juvenile carcinoma is usually fatal, but then this patient remains alive and healthy with no physical ailments is truly amazing. This fact now calls for new consideration on my part. When a person recovers by undergoing no other treatment but reishi ingestion, it is obvious that reishi deserves further research.

I was provided with large quantities of reishi essence from a very reputable chemical company in Japan. I administer the same to my patients in mega dosage combined with Vitamin C. Within one year, about 500 kilograms of reishi essence (approximately 6000 kilograms of premium reishi) were used on my patients. An interesting fact have surfaced during my treatment is that where large doses of reishi essence induce melena ( i.e. several grams or more daily), combination with Vitamin C put a stop to this. Furthermore, numerous observations have confirmed the fact that cancer patients are generally more susceptible to contract other diseases due to their lowered body resistance. However, after being treated with reishi, complications due to such inflections are greatly diminished. I have assigned random cancer patients to administer reishi essence with a control group of patients with other illness, e.g. arthritic rheumatism, chronic bronchitis, hepatitis etc., that is, people with lowered body resistance to diseases.

Immunogloburin test determines the level of immunity. We have found that after ingesting reishi, level of IgA, IgG, IgM have increased. This proves that reishi can elevate the body's resistance level.

At this time, I have 140 cancer patients. All have metastic cancer except 6 with breast cancer and 60 are being hospitalized. We have zeroed in on these cancer patients. Up to today (spring of 1988), about 300 patients have undergone testing.


Before I give case examples, I would like to unveil the secret of why reishi is so effective in the treatment of cancer. The conclusion is not fully understood at the present time and when it is, then, men would have found the ultimate cure for cancer. Employing all the latest medical technology, it is found that the polysaccharides in reishi are effective in suppressing cancerous cells. Japanese scientists are the first in making this discovery. Perhaps this had something to do with the fact that the country employs herbal medicine in treatment of diseases and conducts vigorous researches into polysaccharides. This fact is recognized in North America and is further awaiting findings from such Japanese researches.


Polysaccharides are made up of a high number of molecular components - up to millions of atoms and this makes it difficult to be absorbed into the human body system. In order to make it easily assimilated, its high count has to be lowered and using Vitamin C with reishi does just that. The polysaccharides are converted into oligoglucan that has a low molecular count and can be easily absorbed. It in turns stimulates the macrophage, which triggers the immune system in our body. Macre meaning big. This type of cell can devour any foreign organisms. They are not active when the body is functioning normally, but, in the presence of foreign organisms (e.g. bacteria), they become very active in attacking such bacterial foreign matters. The white blood cells in the blood stream comprise the initial defense against diseases but they are ineffective in chronic cases or malignant type of matters, at which time, the lymphocyte becomes the second line of defense. Failing that, the last defense will be the macrophage - it is like a sleeping lion being awakened to attack with truly exceptional result! They are capable of sweeping away any foreign organisms thus destroying the cancerous cells in the process. Under the microscope, the macrophage is observed to be one tenth the size of a cancer cell, yet, it possesses the power to destroy the latter. From this, we can understand their invaluability to the human body. However, the macrophage cannot be easily activated. We have found that aggregated atoms are responsible for this activation of the macrophage, and reishi contains the substance to manufacture these aggregated atoms.


Earlier a patient with high blood pressure had inquired into the effects of reishi. I had told him that there was certainly no harm in trying as I had conducted research at that time. One fact is: even a diluted dose of reishi essence lowers blood pressure. However this patient had maintained his blood pressure level after reishi ingestion. Following my suggestion to ingest Vitamin C together with reishi, his blood pressure dropped to an acceptable level. The reason for this is, as mentioned previously, reishi contains up to a million atoms and cannot be easily absorbed into the body; therefore, one should combine it with Vitamin C.

Seventeen years ago, I have conducted research into the Vitamin C's ability to break down polysaccharides. At that time, the method of viscosity gauge has been employed. Placing Vitamin C into a measure of polysaccharide substance, a decrease of the polysaccharides molecular count is indicated by a drop in the viscosity. Thus, confirming Vitamin C's ability of dissolving polysaccharides.

Animal experiments have shown that all forms of sugar can be absorbed but are just the opposite in human, why? This has some correlation with Vitamin C - human body is unable to manufacture Vitamin C, while animals can. This is the reason why we need to combine the intake of Vitamin C with reishi.

New medical findings indicate that there is no harm in taking high dosage of Vitamin C daily. Dr. Linus Pauling, who is now in his 80's, ingests 18 grams of Vitamin C daily, and I ingest 12 grams a day. I believe a healthy person needs a supplement of 1 gram to 2 grams a day, that is 1,000 - 2,000 mg. This can contribute greatly to one's well being.


Brain tumor patient recovering consciousness in just 2 months.

We have made many discoveries. Using brain disease patients as examples, one 70 years old plus patient in the hospital had a 5 cm brain tumor. He had already lost consciousness despite surgery. He began the reishi treatment around June of 1986 and by September, he had recovered his senses, but the size of the tumor had remained the same. However by December, the tumor had decreased in size, even the neurologist was amazed. The patient now feels very well. Initially he was administered 6 grams of reishi essence through a stomach tube. After the recovery of his senses, oral intake was administered. The patient did not like the bitter taste of reishi essence, so the amount was reduced to 3 grams. Although the dosage had been reduced, his brain tumor eventually shrunk to about 1 cm. With the return of his memory, he left the hospital and stayed home with the family instead.

- Recession of lung cancer within 6 months.

I once treated a fifty plus female patient who had breast cancer. After her breast surgery, she had developed metastasic lung cancer. Later she deteriorated to hemoptysis. She began to use about 6 gm. of reishi daily for 6 months and the cancerous lung tumor disappeared. Before, she is often short of breath, but now she can walk up the stairs effortlessly. Therefore, she has complete confidence in the continuation of the reishi treatment.

- Breast cancer cured in 2 months with mega dosage.

This patient had breast cancer and the cancer cells had matastased to the bones. She had not been able to move from the head down. The pain was excruciating. Luckily, her digestive system was not affected and she was able to take 9 grams of reishi essence daily, which was later increased, to 20 grams. In just 2 months, she felt no pain. She had been discharged from the hospital after she made progress in her walking ability.

- Cancer of rectum spreading to the liver with remarkable recovery in 6 months.

Some time ago, this patient came to the hospital for treatment of metastasis of rectal cancer to the liver. He was given 6 grams of reishi essence. In 6 months, CT scanning reported that the cancerous tumor had decreased to about 1 cm in size, but the CT specialists did not believe in the merits of reishi and insisted that there was a mistake in the scanning. I was angered by this and argued that not only had the patient's CEA swelling came down but his general health had also improved. Was it not enough proof? Ordinarily, it is difficult to treat rectal cancers. Some cases are even terminal. This patient had such a smooth recovery which could only be credited to reishi. Generally speaking, it is easier to treat rectal tumor under 3 cm in size.

- Pancreas cancer patient can walk again.

A 60 year old male pancreas cancer patient had surgery and was in a better state for a while, but later deteriorated. He had edema and lost weight. Examination results revealed that he had extremely high count of CA19-9CEA. I informed him that with his present treatment he would die within a short period of time. I advised him to be hospitalized. Due to financial reasons, he was given another kind of medication but he reacted unfavorably to it. Therefore, we had to change his treatment to 9 grams of reishi essence orally and 30 grams of Vitamin C through intravenous injection daily. This began from August of 1986 which was over 1 year ago. The patient had since completely recovered and various examinations could not detect symptoms of any kind. He has gone back to work but continues to take 5 grams of reishi daily. He comes for a follow-up examination every 2 weeks and repeat CEA examinations show that his CA19-19 counts continues to drop. There are many more such cancer cases in my hospital. Although cancer cases involving the brain, lungs and liver are more serious, I feel that it is easier to treat than the cases involving the digestive organs. It is harder for the patients of the latter to ingest reishi orally. Besides cancer, reishi is also very effective in the treatment of hepatitis. With the use of 1 gram to 3 grams of reishi essence daily, hepatitis patients will have tremendous recovery results.

- Hepatitis cured with reishi.

One patient who had hepatitis for a few years and his SGOT & SGPT count was 200 - 300. Normal range is under 30. I administered 3 grams of reishi daily and in about 2 -3 months his SGOT & SGPT dropped to around 50. Even this is still higher than normal, continuous use will bring it in range. During this time, I asked him to stop using reishi and immediately the count shot up to between 150 - 200. The count dropped when treatment resumed. Thus proving the effect of reishi on hepatitis. A combination with the use of Vitamin C is essential. Under these conditions, 6 grams of Vitamin C is needed, i.e. 3 grams of reishi essence with 6 grams of Vitamin C. We must understand that hepatitis is a chronic disease and relapse is ever present. It is necessary to continue the intake of reishi (using smaller dosage) even after one's recovery from hepatitis. Prevention is always the best measure. Reishi is just as effective against other chronic diseases and optimum results are obtained when combined with the intake of Vitamin C. Especially true for long term prevention use. In conclusion, reishi has been proven to exert significant effect on diminishing pain, fortifying the body's immune system and prolonging life. Even though its role in cancer control has not been determined 100 percent yet. Medications presently employed to combat cancer have their effect but unfortunately these also produce serious side effects. Reishi has a history of 3,000 years, during which time it is widely used by many people with no reported unfavorable side effects. I therefore recommend reishi for treatment and prevention as a safety measure. I hope that people from all walks of life will take a concerned interest and share in this project. Hopefully, in the very near future, reishi can bring a brighter outlook to the human race in the conquest of longevity.