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Our objective is to create a Mushroom Growing Training Institute that focuses primarily on teaching the concepts to grow and utilize medicinal mushrooms.

This training will be provided locally as well as online via:

Teaching the Principles of Mycology

We will provide comprehensive training, resources, consultation, and mushroom spawn to participants and equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to grow medicinal mushrooms successfully. We intend to educate and empower marginalized communities and teenagers in particular not just with priceless health information, but practical cultivation skills that serve four key needs.

  • Growing potent natural medicine for one's family and community: This makes mushrooms affordable and accessible to the populations that need them most. Students will be taught the fundamentals of making mushroom extracts and powders as well as delicious recipes. Normally these medicines are largely unknown and priced too far out of range for the average person to use consistently, this course will certainly change that reality. Access to medicine is everyone's inherent and undeniable birthright.
  • Generating new employment opportunities with a flexible and scalable business model that can help students to start new enterprises that can leverage existing spaces with low startup costs. Growing medicinal mushrooms is a great way to achieve economic security, health security and food security simultaneously.
  • The great thing about mushrooms is that they taste excellent and are a nutrient rich and low fat meat alternative. Students will learn how to grow food and medicine. The principles taught in the training will enable participants to also grow culinary mushrooms alongside the medicinal varieties that will provide an abundant food source as well as additional income streams. Hippocrates stated "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".
  • The course will also emphasize the concept of preventive medicine where one consistently eats an array of nutriceutical foods that can totally prevent or treat existing ailments. Participants will be acquainted with the concepts of good nutrition and informed food choices as well as the significant role that the fungal kingdom and mushrooms in particular play in protecting health.

The Kingdom of Fungi

Teaching the next generation of Mycologist that they may transform the health of the people and contribute to the research and growth of this exciting field.